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Ansaldo Energia


Starting point

The client maintains various service contracts (LTSA for turbine machinery) with operators of power generation plants in Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. These contracts involve regular on-site inspection and maintenance work. Depending on the findings and condition a wide range of spare parts is needed to ensure reliable electricity generation for the next 48,000 operating hours. The availability of spare parts is crucial to minimize downtime during inspection and to meet or even exceed that time frame.

Approach and problem solving

ogether with the client typical maintenance and wear parts for inspections were compiled, categorized by machine type, and suitable packaging and transportation methods were sought. The ease and speed of the picking on-site played a central role. Robust and reusable boxes are dispatched between the logistics center in Spreitenbach and the plant locations. In total, 32 boxes in 7 different configurations are in use, with each box variant having its bill of materials.

LB IS manages the entire service kit campaign with around 800 items and 74 different suppliers. The service is based on a predicted consumption quantity for three years; LB IS takes care of procurement, order management, storage, picking, document management, and export to the installation site. After use the boxes are returned to the logistics center, inventoried, and completed there. Stocked with the target quantity, the service kits are ready for the next inspection within 14 days.

Customer benefits

  • Significant easement along the entire workflow
  • Access to ready-to-use service kits just 14 days after the return of the boxes according to a rolling forecast with priorities
  • Fixed conditions for the contractually specified duration
  • High availability of components; short reaction time in unforseen incidents
  • No inventory holding, balance sheet relief; reduction of the number of suppliers and thus optimization of internal resources
  • No laborious searching and no waiting times for staff during maintenance work

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