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High availability

Starting point

The client operates 100 service points worldwide maintaining their products in shipyards and other locations, as well as supplying spare parts. Rapid and reliable availability plays a crucial role here, as the maintenance window is limited and costly. Due to the long product lifecycles of up to 40 years a wide variety of parts needs to be covered.

Together we identified levers to increase service quality for end customers. The focus was on delivery punctuality, lead times, and cost efficiency. The client demanded a delivery punctuality of >96 %.

Approach and problem solving

Based on the consumption quantities of all 1,800 items over the last three years the current status was established and analyzed according to various criteria. We categorised the resulting turnover rates into sleepers, walkers, and runners to finally form a framework with 800 items crucial for service provision. These are managed by LB IS within a frame agreement. The walkers and runners are stored in Spreitenbach, called off by the customer as needed, and are available within 48 hours at the customer’s central warehouse. We process about 1,000 orders per year, supported by an interface between the two ERPs (SAP Ariba and Microsoft Dynamics Nav).

Customer benefits

  • An average delivery punctuality of 98 % since April 2021, resulting in a 2 % overperformance.
  • Reduction of the average lead time to 21 days.
  • Consolidation of 65 suppliers through a single point of contact organization.
  • Increase of measured customer benefits by 14 %.

LB IS holds the highest status as a ‘Preferred Supplier’ and is among the top 10 performers. Due to high satisfaction new items are continuously added and managed within the frame agreement.


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