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Product groups

LB IS ensures  availability and delivery of a wide range of high-quality products in the following categories:

Metallic production and standard parts

Industrial supplies

High-quality, drawing-based B and C parts in all metallic materials and manufacturing processes. A few examples: general fasteners, sheet metal parts, grub screws, special screws, bolts, flanges, spring assemblies, locking elements, nuts, rivets, pipe connections, valves and nozzles.

Of course, you can also purchase standardised parts from us. Our strength lies in the combination of the various sub-products of a desired range of articles up to the bundling of the required suppliers.


Operating goods

The important trivialities

These include packaging and filling materials, cardboard packaging, adhesive tapes, installation materials, cables, cable ties, mats, tapes, non-woven fabrics, films, cables, pipes, signs, cleaning cloths, bags, wires, tools, hoses, O-rings, cable ducts and cable glands.

Sensitive materials

Chemicals and dangerous goods

We offer process and article-specific, chemical-technical products as well as their storage and delivery, such as resins, hardeners, paints, solvents, adhesives, glues, sealants and greases.
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Measurement and control technology


By this we mean the management of measurement and control technology components for power plant and plant engineering as part of large-scale industrial applications in accordance with defined specifications. This segment mainly includes items for flame monitoring, functional testing, sensors and measurement technology for determining pressure, temperature, flow, level, filling level and pulsation, as well as ignition systems and probes.

We assemble the components, systems and assemblies according to your requirements, carry out tests and prepare the necessary measurement, test and quality documents.

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Office supplies

Making your job easier

Quality products for efficient working in everyday office life – and more. You can find all of this in our online store. From adapters, PC keyboards and storage media to folders, laminators, flipcharts, writing pads, hole punches and office furniture.

Our long-standing sources of supply guarantee you attractive conditions with easy handling and delivery within 24 hours of your order being placed.


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