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Optimize your flow of goods

“Time is money” they say. “Logistics is also money” we say. Significant savings can be achieved by optimising and bundling the flow of goods, processes and personnel resources.

Not only in terms of costs, but also in terms of internal transport. Proper, project- and customer-related handling reduces costs from the moment the goods are booked in. This ultimately benefits the inventory process which becomes leaner and more efficient.

Our value proposition: You use our infrastructure and resources to manage and optimize your working capital. We organize the entire goods handling process right through to on-time delivery of the goods in accordance with specifications and document requirements.

  • Batch-managed storage with a documented supply chain
  • Individual incoming goods processes according to customer-specific requirements
  • Lean set-up times with same-day delivery
  • A variety of packaging types as standard or according to customer specifications or regulations (wooden crates, hazardous goods packaging incl. labeling, seaworthy packaging, etc.)
Preis Statue
  • Incoming goods inspection to ensure delivery conformity

  • Picking and kitting (assembly)
  • Assembly orders / extended workbench
  • Finishing and/or labeling of products and packages
  • Service kits
  • Competitive shipping costs thanks to cooperation and consolidated deliveries

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